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Gineke and Angèl’s course “60 Day Fast Track Success Program” starts May 7, so there’s still time to join! Each webinar is recorded, so you can catch up on what you missed, and join us for the next class.

About Gineke Brokamp

Gineke Brokamp has over 15 years experience in organizing and structuring complex projects and leading change within organizations. Gineke loves to work. Read more…

About Angèl Nijskens

Angèl Nijskens started her career working at several large organisations. Soon she discoverd she wanted to start her own consulting business helping to put ambitious women in the spotlights. Read more…


Explore your potential

During week one, you will:
• Identify your unique talents and ambitions
• Find out what really drives you
• Discover what your ideal career looks like
• Set up big goals and expectations for an amazing career

Result: A clear vision about your own potential



Define your potential

During week two, you will:
• Discover your unique story
• Collect the ingredients to write and share your story
• Get the tools you need to create your killing career pitch

Result: A career pitch that nails it!



Position your potential

• Connect your true identity with your professional image
• Find out how to increase your visibility without feeling uncomfortable
• Learn how to position yourself so that you are judged on your potential instead of your experience

Result: The brand ‘YOU’




Live Implementation Q & A






Focus your potential

• Discover how to keep focused and prioritize
• Learn about your personal challenges and how to overcome them
• Receive a sample plan to keep focus on your monthly goals

Result:  Plan to focus and stay on track



Negotiate your potential

•  Discover the do’s and don’ts of negotiations
•  Learn to recognize and handle crucial moments in the negotiation process
•  Make an offer they can’t refuse

Result:  Strategy on how to handle negotiations



Spread your potential

•  Discover the value of a great network
•  Map your personal network and learn how to find, make and keep useful connections
•  Learn how to handle akward network conversations

Result: Concrete plan to build your personal support system



Share your potential

• Receive 10 tips for an irresistible profile
• Learn how to increase your online visibility
• How to use social media to achieve your career goals


Result:  Personal social media strategy and action plan


* Bonus *

Handouts, checklists and templates





* Bonus *

Private forum for course participants only



Course starts May 7, 2014. All webinars and calls will be recorded and available for download.

NOTE: Bonus live event will NOT be recorded